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Gordon Watts Response To Rep Scott Franklin

News coverage of responses to this press inquiry can be found here:
Regarding your video about the student debt cancellation executive order,
Scott, with all due respect:
If you have the genuine anger to complain about apparently valid concern that President Biden lacks a long term solution, you should first understand that Congress is under investigation for GOP lawmaker refusal to obey **our** party platform on this issue, specifically you are still refusing to take legislative action to STOP 🛑 taxpayer funded Student Loan originations with MY taxpayer dollars, which, if done, would have prevented this "student debt" crisis in the first place.
You may rightly blame Biden for a "halfway" solution with his Exec Order to address students who face genuine price gouging (which your grandparents NEVER faced with insane costs of college-- ask them, if you dare!), and Biden's lack of any long-term solutions frees a few genuine debt slaves, but neither eliminates debt slavery (a valid complaint of Liberals/ Democrats) nor puts a stop to the profligate and Liberal Swamp Dept of Ed from *raping* taxpayers with TRILLIONS in originating (making) student loans with MY taxpayer dollar!
Invoking rape and slavery may offend some, but what is really offensive is your continued insistence on your RINO behaviors to complain about 
But doing nothing to stop it. We don’t have a taxing problem, Mr. Franklin, but rather a spending problem that you refuse to even attempt to address, as documented in Congress under investigation for upward of 91% of ALL GOP lawmakers documented to be RINOS. 
Now, please either do your job, or step aside and admit that Keith Hayden, your NPA / independent opponent in this Mid-Term general election is the better, more qualified candidate. 
Gordon Wayne Watts, one of your constituents, and Editor of THE REGISTER and National Director, CONTRACT WITH AMERICA: PART II (tm). P.S.: Due to redistricting, I can't vote in your election, but were I to have a choice, you would need first to correct your spendthrift RINO policy first. No disrespect meant, and I thank you for granting an unscheduled interview as documented in my video collection  this past Saturday, 14 May 2022 at the Fly In hanger campaign event. Please advise.///

Committee to Elect KEITH HAYDEN
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