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BlockChain / Crypto Currency and Inflation

Local Governments need to embrace the blockchain future now. Americans deserve sound currency. The Fed is criminal. Inflation steals your productivity and gives it to the elite, and government spending is job security for incumbents.

The harmful economic interference and poisonous policies of the Federal Reserve are the root cause of the challenges we face. Regular people are hurting and it's all due to the reckless spending of governments and policies of the Federal Reserve. Bitcoin removes the corruptibility of those in the ruling class from money, a true separation of money and state.

We must eliminate central banks and their money manipulation and go back to value-backed currency, whether that be gold, silver, crypto, some other store of value, or all of the above should be left up to the individuals acting freely within the market. Sound money is the only way to guard against inflation. Sound monetary policy is of utmost importance and real tangible money backed by something more than the king’s decree is necessary to make that happen.

If you or I operated like the Fed, we'd go to prison. Abolish the Fed and its legalized counterfeiting of money. Return us to the gold standard. Stopping the influx of counterfeit Federal Reserve dollars would go a long way toward curtailing the current rate of inflation.


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2nd Ammendment

I fully support ,100%,the Second Amendment word for word

       A criminal will always find a way to do violence by any means necessary. A decline in Family Values and not taking care of our mentally ill and emotionally stunted is something we need to consider and address. That’s a discussion that needs to be had in Congress. Let's not blame the tool.

      It was the current administration’s political allies who defunded the police, emptied prisons, and stopped prosecuting so-called low-level crimes.  They also got rid of cash bail which in turn releases violent criminals back into our streets.

     Also, the ATF shouldn’t be a gun -control group fronting as a Federal Agency.

       There are already many unconstitutional gun control laws on the books in every almost every state. They all either do not work or are not enforced. I believe that everyone has a right to protect themselves, their family and their property from any threat. I prefer to be survivor rather than a victim.


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Big Government

       My belief on big government is that it is not what the founding fathers intended. I believe that the federal government should be limited and the each state should make their own decisions concerning its citizens based on the vote of their residents at the lowest and most local level possible.

       The Federal Governments role should be to coin money, to regulate commerce, to declare war, to raise and maintain armed forces, and to establish a Post Office, and Acquire Territories, maintain infrastructure, and foreign trade/commerce/ and diplomatic relations.

       State Governments role in my opinion is to reciprocate with other states, protect it’s people, maintain justice , set up county and municipality governments as well as maintain state highways and roads.


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     Bureaucracy squashes initiative, risk taking, and creativity.

     We need to take action and eliminate bureaucracy  We need to know what we want to get done and figure out what the priorities are to make that happen, establish strict non subjective guidelines,  eliminate paperwork whenever possible and cut out unnecessary processes,  We have to quit wasting time by putting off decisions . Action is the key to eliminating bureaucracy.

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Soveriegnty and The US Border

      Sovereignty remains a bedrock of international order.

      Immigration and integration of culture is crucial to our country and it history. The assimilation from whatever country you come from, to becoming an "American" after being vetted and complying with our laws is a commendable achievement in unity.

     Violating our immigration laws, which are in place for a number of reasons some of which help us maintain the economy, unemployment, homelessness, and prison populations is unacceptable. You are already starting off as a criminal.

    Every other country protects its sovereignty and so should we.

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1st Amendment

     I am 100% for the First Amendment and every amendment in the constitution

     Free speech promotes truth and expression of belief,  If we bury free speech we bury the truth

     Speech by adults as free citizens does not lose First Amendment protection because it is considered hateful and hateful is also subjective the Supreme Court has protected hateful speech and Snyder versus Phelps and federal courts have protected the free speech of Nazis but there are limits such as incitement threats and immediate breach of the peace personally I want to know if someone or a group hates me so I can be more on alert

     Free speech should extend to the Internet as long as it’s not liable or slanderous or inciting violence

     Advocates of censorship have not stopped using "What about yelling “Fire” in a theater?"  as the final word on unlawful limits of the First Amendment.  It’s worse than useless in defining the boundaries of constitutional speech, and when used metaphorically it can be deployed against any unpopular speech. It advocates one of the broadest censorship decisions ever brought down by the court in the case of  U.S. vs. Schenk . A decision that in 1969 the Supreme Court overturned in their decision of Brandenburg versus Ohio it’s the most famous and pervasive lazy cheat in American dialogue about free speech

"Unless the speech quote is directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action and is likely to incite or produce such action” it is protected under the first amendment.

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        Parents are not involved enough schools are closed and left and right our schools are overcrowded school spending is anemic there’s a lack of innovation and teacher education

   The Schools  should be teaching our children personal finance credit cards and interest rates and credit ratings and retirement accounts and savings.

   We should be teaching our children about relationships and communicating your feelings without blaming your judging each other ,  how to spot manipulative behavior , personal boundaries,  logic and reasoning, self awareness,  and skepticism.

   Schools should not be altering or deleting historiy that do not agree with, nor should they be inventing false history.

    Parents should be teaching and held accountable for respect, manners, common courtesy,  responsibility, chore work, independence, accountability for their actions.

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US Military

     Military power acts as a deterrent for aggressors. In the absence of military spending, opponents may view the nation as a soft target. Hence, even though local defense spending may be more expensive, it creates more value in the form of more robust national security and fewer disruptions to trade and commerce. If the defense system of a country is fully integrated, there are economic benefits to it.


     Decades of costly US wars in the Middle East have produced neither peace nor stability. The region remains one of the poorest and most conflict-prone in the world. The United States should reduce the number of US forces permanently stationed in the region eliminate routine US Navy deployments to the Persian Gulf. instead of maintaining fixed assets and permanent air and naval facilities, Washington should renegotiate access arrangements with locals.  


    Investments in intelligence and early warning, as well as new technologies (e.g., unmanned aerial/subsurface vehicles, and missile defenses) would be more effective.

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We need some type of entitlement reform or all the benefits are going to have to be cut by 25 to 30% by the year 2030 for all current and future recipients.

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Standards and Regulations - Oversight

   We have Federal Agencies in place such as OSHA and the EPA for an example for these reasons. II would rather see those responsibilities go to third party private non-profit organizations that intermediate between federal and state governments with a system of checks and balances.

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Global Warming

    Yes, the earth goes through cycles and the climate has changed a lot, his is true. But the rapid warming we’re seeing now can't be explained by natural cycles of warming and cooling. The kind of changes that would normally happen over hundreds of thousands of years are happening in decades.

    Food production is responsible for 25% of all greenhouse gas emissions, which are causing our home to warm far too quickly. This means habitats are at risk, sea levels are rising, more extreme weather is causing floods and droughts, and our lives as we currently know them are under threat.

     If we want a healthy planet, we all need to be smarter about what we eat and how it’s produced.

    The technology and systems we need to move to 100% renewable energy by 2045 and use our planet's resources sustainably are already available. What's now needed is for political and business leaders to take bold and urgent action towards using these solutions to address the climate crisis and restore nature.


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Balancing the Budget

   A balanced budget is necessary because it helps protect future generations and helps keep interest rates low. It also keeps the economy growing.

   A good start would be changing the tax code to repeal tax cuts for corporations, Reduce funding in International Affairs programs, and eliminate wasteful spending throughout the budget.


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I am inherently against abortion with exceptions based on rape and medical necessity /practicality situations.

There are a number of contraceptives on the market today along with the ability to abstain.

My suggestion would be responsible beforehand, or be an adult and take responsibility after.

   Letting citizens execute a fetus anytime they want and as many times as they want does not help anyone or anything. It’s illegal to murder your children after they are born, why wouldn’t it be illegal before they are born?

   An unborn child responds to sensory input as early as seven weeks· It's alive, but is it a person? Does it matter? Not to me, alive is alive.

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Defunding The Police - Excessive Force

     I am against defunding the police, but I do believe that they should not have military grade equipment, tanks, drones, or anything that invades acivil rights or reasonable expectation to the right to privacy. They also should not engage in high speed pursuits, excessive force, or entrapment.

    I am against excessive force;  Body cameras should be mandated for all LEO’s on patrol, while engaging any suspect or in response to a call. For their own protection and the protection of the accused.

A role of the government is to provide peace and safety to its people.

    One of the ways the government does this is through the police. The police’s job is to protect and serve. We need to get back to knowing the officers that patrol our streets and humanize them instead of seeing them as the enemy.

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Incarceration - Racism / Unjust Bias

     I do believe there is unjust bias in the prosecution and sentencing of individuals. Everyone has biases. Prosecutors lawyers and judges all need to develop strategies for interrupting biases. Firstly they have to be aware of their biases and they have to be motivated to stop then they need to get training and seek diverse contacts,  Practice from a different perspective and ntay accountable to themselves for their biases.

    I believe that something is fundamentaly lacking in our prosecutors, judges and lawyers. Reform is needed , Extensive training and updated or eliminating outdated laws along with modification of sentencing guidelines. A focus is needed on rehabilitation for those who can be rehabilitated, instead of leaving them to drown in a system that is currently designed to produce repeat offenders.



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H.R. 8762

This bill would bar the IRS from:

  • Buying firearms
  • Buying ammunition
  • Training with firearms
  • Arming their agents

Bills do not need to be complex or complicated to get the job done, and H.R. 8762 illustrates that perfectly. TAKE ACTION now and tell your Rep to support this bill! 

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