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Subject: Aid to Israel

Message(From a concerned Citizen):
Do you support giving Billions of dollars to Israel, do you support israel in the current war in Gaza, and do you support Israel taking Palestinian Land?

(My Reply)


Dear Citizen,

While it’s important to recognize that there are diverse perspectives. If I were in a position to vote on any legislation regarding these issues, I would poll constituents and vote in alignment with the majority. However, here are my briefly generalized responses and perspectives for the sake of full transparency.


When it comes to the allocation of funds for foreign aid to Israel, those resources could be better spent domestically. We have our own serious issues here that should take precedence over strategic alliances and filling deep pockets.

Regarding conflict in Gaza, while the treatment and conditions imposed on Palestine may have been unfair, Israel does have the right to self-defense against aggression. That being said, while I don’t personally condone the war, I also don’t oppose it. My personal opinion on this issue is, we should stay out of it. It is a deeply rooted and complex conflict.

As for Israel taking Palestinian land, I would suggest that it is worthy to note that it violates international law and undermines the prospects for a two-state solution. Other than the lawful validity, I would prefer that the US just abstain from any involvement.

Thank you for your inquiry,


Keith R. Hayden Jr.



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